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Voyageur Features


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Voyageur II Features

The design and manufacture of the Voyageur trike is rooted in toughness and durability. Designed from the start to be much more capable than your average trike, this machine is stronger, more capable in rough conditions and more versatile than just about every machine flying today.

The Voyageur trike features technology not found on any other trike today. The most obvious is the cantilever mast that is structurally strong enough to eliminate the need for the standard front tube found on all other trikes today. The basic design is an aluminum sandwich with extra reinforcing structure. It also has a safety cable running through the sandwich. The sandwich is riveted and also bonded with  aeronautical Araldite structural epoxy. The specific design is proprietary information of DTA.

The Voyageur trike utilizes only the best and most expensive materials. These include aviation 4130 chromoly steel, a primarily stainless steel frame and aircraft grade aluminum.

The Voyageur trike is made in France under exacting quality controls and a strict certification standard. Quality is visible all over this machine.

Check out the Equipment page to see the great features that come standard on the Voyageur II. These include:

  • Unique cantilever design with no front tube
  • Stainless steel frame (white)
  • Large all-moving foot pedals
  • Full front and rear shock absorbers (rear gas shocks)
  • 3-wheel brakes with parking brake
  • Cruise throttle
  • Large aviation tires
  • Padded seat covers
  • Rear seat head rest
  • Side luggage bags
  • Large capacity fuel tank with fuel level gauge
  • Instrument panel
  • RPM gauge, hourmeter, water temp gauge
  • Full electrical system
  • Assembled pitot system



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