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21 August, 2006: One of the largest aviation underwriters announced today that aircraft hull and liability insurance coverage is available for DTA Voyageur trikes in the USA. DTA USA worked with our insurance broker and the underwriter’s senior management to offer this insurance program, even though no actuarial data on USA trike claims experience exists. To assist their decision making process we collected weight shift control aircraft accident statistical data from around the world to provide some kind of picture. This information is available here.

The DTA Voyageur, having recently received
LSA status is the first (and currently only) weight shift control aircraft to receive underwriting approval from this underwriter. Rates charged for the Voyageur are based on the specific characteristics of each risk but are similar to the premiums charged for Standard Category tricycle gear aircraft of similar value. A Private pilot having 500 logged flying hours can expect an annual premium of approximately $2,000 for full hull and liability coverage based on an insured value of $58,000 and a liability limit of $1,000,000. subject to a limitation of $100,000 per person.

What this means for you, is that financing is now easily-obtainable, making your purchase of a DTA trike that much easier!

To get a quote for insurance for your trike, please contact Aviation West Insurance Brokers, or your local aviation insurance broker.


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