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DTA Voyageur II becomes a Special-Light Sport Aircraft
July 15, 2006

Airworthiness Certificate

The handover

From left to right:

John Shablow, FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative
Matt Liknaitzky, DTA US Distributor
Gene Piedras, Chief Mechanic (front seat)
Jon Thornburgh, Chief Instructor (back seat)
Scott Toland, Chairman of the ASTM Subcommittee for Light Sport Aircraft Weight-Shift-Control

The machine, prepared for inspection

Placarded as per ASTM standards

Ready to roll!

In the hangar at Torrance Airport

Fully loaded!

Preparing for first flight - with new Airworthiness Certificate onboard

Taxiing to 11L, KTOA. Before S-LSA, flying in the city was all but prohibited

Airtime! First flight a success

Back home after a successful first flight

Thank you to all those who assisted in the process of getting the DTA certified as a S-LSA

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